Allá Vamos by Anahi Gonzalez

Cardboard boxes: they store and protect objects that connect us, yet are swiftly discarded and forgotten. As we head into the New Year, let’s remember that someone’s labour is behind every box.

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Anahi Gonzalez is a Mexican photographer who explores alternative visual narratives related to Mexican labour in and for Canada. Her work has been included in exhibitions and screenings in Mexico, Norway, Canada, Spain, and France.

Anahi's statement: "Human labour is an important concept in my artistic practice as a photographer. I often use cardboard boxes as a sign and cipher of an absent subject of labour in my installations, videos, and photographs. For this work, I engaged with themes of materiality and migration while critiquing a system that allows products to flow freely but denies the people. I view this work as a gesture to highlight the essential human labour commonly erased in our society."

Each limited edition card will be sent by regular mail from Rome, Italy.

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