“untwirl” by Morphic Rooms

“untwirl” was made using a mixture of analog and digital techniques, both in person and remote. The result is a testament to the pleasures of connection in all its modes.

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Each limited edition card is sent by regular mail from Rome, Italy.

Featuring: allison anne is a collagist, zinemaker and graphic designer living and working in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Jeremy P. Bushnell is a collagist, experimental cartoonist, educator, and novelist, living and working in Dedham, MA, USA. Together as Morphic Rooms, they produce layered, abstract work that utilizes systematic parameters, creative rulesets, chance operations, and collaborative interplay. They are the producers of ADDITIONS, a 96-card deck of public domain images and textures, and Parameters, a monthly broadsheet coupling creative prompts with a supply of raw imagematter. They also run Nonmachinable, an organization that distributes optically interesting zines and artists’ publications.

Artist statement: We each bring a unique repertoire of collage techniques to our work as Morphic Rooms, but our practice is also grounded in a set of deeply held interests, including, importantly, an interest in the aesthetic possibilities of collaborative interplay. This foundation of this collage was produced from a few pieces of paper ephemera, assembled during a session when we were together in person. Each of us then subsequently iterated upon this foundation, producing additional collage-matter and weaving it into the work-in-progress through a series of remote digital iterations. The work produced via this cascade of transformations thus stands as a thematic meditation on the act of collaboration and connection itself.