First Edition: Human Landscapes

“A postcard: a physical testament of a journey travelled across multiple hands, connecting us despite distance and delays. The digital world having made its practice mostly superfluous, with this work I want to remind us of the connection we share with one another, even when apart." - Janna Yotte

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Janna Yotte is a Montreal-based artist specializing in collage. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in North America and the Netherlands and is regularly featured in ELLE magazine.

Janna's statement: "Human connections: that is what I care about most deeply as an artist and it permeates every aspect of my practice. While creating this project, I went back to the origin of postcards: how they were a way to stay connected to our close ones when far away, a way to share views that words could not convey; views of cities, important monuments, and mostly landscapes. I view this as a continuation of the original landscape postcard, made of us, of what we are, and of what we could be if we only remembered to take the time to connect."

Each limited edition card will be sent by regular mail from Rome, Italy.

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